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IMSD Graduate Fellows

The UC Berkeley IMSD Programs are currently pending renewal of grant funding. No new students will be selected in 2014, but please check back in 2015 to see if we will be offering this program.

The IMSD Graduate Fellows Program is a two-year student-centered, student-informed program aimed at fostering a supportive, strong community of graduate scholars who will thrive in graduate school and be exceptionally well prepared to become research leaders. Fellows will have an integral role in further diversifying the sciences nationally and at Berkeley through mentoring and outreach.  Each year up to 3 new graduate students will be selected. 

Financial benefits of the IMSD Graduate Fellows Program include:

The IMSD program provides an annual salary of $25,500, payment of tuition and fees, annual research supply award of $1000, and a travel award of $1000 to present your research at scientific conferences in the United States*.

Professional Development Activities:

  • Development of leadership, mentoring, and communication skills though interaction with undergraduate IMSD and BSP scholars, graduate fellows, and faculty
  • Pedagogical training including development of a course and training on effective teaching practices
  • Development of scientific and professional networks through a student-organized workshop and seminar series. Topics may include mentoring, grant writing, the academic job search, being a scientist from an underrepresented group, effective job talks, writing and presenting research, setting up a research lab
  • Supportive peer cohort from across different departments
  • Individualized Development Plans (IDP) and advising from IMSD Staff with Ph.D. degrees


  • Incoming or current Ph.D. student in the biological or behavioral sciences at UC Berkeley able to make a full two-year (24 month) commitment to the program (Year 2 contingent on funding, see above)
  • US citizen, permanent resident or non-citizen national (a person who, although not a citizen of the US, owes permanent allegiance to the US. They are generally persons born in lands under US jurisdiction, for example, American Samoa)
  • Fit with the goals of the program to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups earning Ph.D.s in the biological and behavioral sciences. Nationally, groups found to be underrepresented in biological and behavioral research include, but are not limited to, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans/Alaskan Natives, Natives of US Pacific Islands, disabled students, first generation college students, or from a disadvantaged background (as defined on the electronic application).
  • Please note that you may not be a graduate student instructor (GSI) or otherwise fulfill departmental teaching requirements during the period of the IMSD Graduate Fellowship. You also may not receive other federal support to supplement your salary while on IMSD.

Please contact the Program Coordinators: Dr. Rachel Henderson, (510-643-4746) or Dr. Corey Welch, (510-643-3866) for additional questions about the application and program.

How To Apply:

Click on the application link below to begin your electronic application form. Follow the instructions in the application, making sure to include:

  • A complete electronic application
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae
  • Letters of recommendation, financial commitment, and leadership/service. Follow the instructions below for each of the letters.
  • The letter of financial commitment from your graduate department is available below. The letter must be signed by the Chair of your department or program.

Application Links:


After review of the applications, some applicants will be contacted for interviews which will be scheduled approximately in the week of May 13-17, 2013. If you are not local, we can do a Skype/Google+ interview. Please keep your schedule flexible for that week.


*IMSD Program provides a portion of tuition and fees and the Fellow's department commits to the difference up to full fee remission each year. Fellows in a department with a salary minimum above the IMSD Program level must be supplemented by the Fellow's department or PI (see IMSD Graduate Fellows Financial Commitment Letter for details).