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IMSD Faculty Mentors


The following UC Berkeley faculty are research advisors and mentors.  They have committed to work with the IMSD undergraduates and graduates.  Below you can read more on about their research on their faculty web page. Applicants are not limited to this list of faculty mentors.


Georjana Barnes Cell Biology, Developmental Biology,Structure, Function, Composition and Regulation of the Yeast Kinetochore and Mitotic Spindle, Microtubule Cytoskeleton and Cell Cycle Control   Rebecca Heald Mitotic spindle assembly and function, Cell Biology
Greg Barton Immunology, Innate Immune System, Evolution of self/non-self discrimination strategies within the innate immune system   Bryan Krantz Molecular mechanisms protein translocation across cell membranes
Diana Bautista Molecular mechanisms of transduction in touch and pain receptors, Neurobiology   John Kuriyan Cell signaling and DNA replication, Structural Biology
Rachel Brem Systems Biology, Evolution of Genetic Variation   Kunxin Luo Signal transduction and regulation of cell growth, differentiation, cell death and carcinogenesis, Cell and Developmental Biology
Jamie Cate Molecular Basis for Protein Synthesis in Humans and Bacteria, Engineering enzymes for biofuels production   Terry Machen Epithelial transport; cellular and membrane physiology
Lu Chen Neurobiology, Mechanisms of synapse formation during development and synapse modification in plasticity   John Ngai Neurobiology, Molecular and cellular mechanisms of olfaction
Kathleen Collins Structure and function of telomerase, Functions of novel non-coding RNAs, RNA silencing, genetic and epigenetic regulation of genes and genomes   Michael Rape Control of cell proliferation and differentiation in eukaryotes, Cell Biology
Abby Dernburg Cell Biology, Chromosome dynamics during meiosis   Ellen Robey Immunology, cell signaling and cell fate control
David Drubin Cell Biology, Membrane Trafficking end Endocytosis, Mitotic Spindle Function and Dynamics, Actin Assembly   Randy Scheckman Cell Biology, intracellular protein transport, membrane assembly and vesicular transport, genetic diseases of protein transport
Gary Firestone Molecular Endocrinology, Tumor Biology   Kristin Scott Establishment of nerve cell connectivity in developing nervous systems, taste recognition, Neurobiology
Iswar Hariharan Mechanisms of control of growth and cell proliferation. Regulation of regenerative growth. Cell Biology and Development   Karsten Weis Macromolecular transport into and out of the nucleus in eukaryotic cells, Cell Biology
David Weisblat Developmental Biology, Evolution of Development in metazoans   Qiang Zhuo Biochemistry of HIV gene expression and transcriptional elongation


Anthony Barnosky Mammalian paleobiology   Daniela Kaufer Molecular Neuroscience and Stem Cell Biology: Plasticity in the Adult Brain
George Bentley Avian reproductive biology, neuroendocrinology and behavior   Eileen Lacey Behavioral ecology, population and evolutionary biology
Roy Caldwell Invertebrate behavioral biology and ecology   Steve Lehman Motor control, biomechanics
Todd Dawson Physiological plant ecology, stable isotope biogeochemistry   Brent Mishler Bryology, systematics and evolutionary biology
Robert Dudley Biomechanics and comparative physiology
  Kevin Padian Paleontology and evolutionary biology
Paul V.A. Fine Plant ecology, plant evolutionary biology, speciation, floristic and phytogeography   Ellen Simms Plant ecology and evolution
Robert Full Comparative biomechanics, physiology, and functional morphology   Wayne Sousa Population and community ecology
Tyrone Hayes Developmental endocrinology   Irving Zucker Biological rhythms, hibernation. and behavioral endocrinology
Leslea Hlusko Mammalian evolutionary biology      


Darlene Francis Behavioral Neuroscience, Neural plasticity and development   Arthur Reingold Infectious diseases in developing countries and the US, Epidemiology
Amani Nuru-Jeter Race and health disparities, Community Health, Epidemiology   Lee Riley Epidemiology, diseases of poverty, bacterial pathogens


Robert Fischer Gene imprinting, epigenetic regulation of development   Kathleen Ryan Cell cycle and cell fate control in bacteria
Arash Komeili Assembly and subcellular organization of bacterial organelles, Cell biology   Chelsea Specht Developmental biology, Evolution of development, comparative genomics
Krishna Niyogi Ecological physiology of algae and plants, environmental stress responses, Physiology
  Mary Wildermuth Plant defense responses


Hei Sook Sul Lipid metabolism, transcriptional control of lipid metabolism   Chris Vulpe Genetics and physiology of resistance and susceptibly to toxins, novel tools for identification of environmental toxins


Stephen C. Welter Agricultural entomology, plant- insect interactions